Aveoni's Spanking World

Hello all! Tumblr refugee here! My name is Aveoni and I am a happy spanko, who also loves writing spanking fiction.

I was given the choice of detention or the paddle when I got caught smoking behind the school during lunch break. I chose detention, because there was no way I was going to let Principal Dawson paddle me! I showed up for detention and planned to spend the hour getting caught up on my homework -- until Principal Dawson walked in. He told me that he had come up with a new way to deter naughty behavior at Wilmington High, and I was the first student to learn all about Bare Bottom Detention. By the time he was done roasting my poor bottom with the palm of his hand, I wished I had taken the paddle instead!

Nice pink bottom, just what I need.

Sometimes daddy has to help me lie still

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